Mustard Seed


Mustard seeds are also known as rapeseeds. Mustard seeds are the smallest seeds of the various mustard plants. The seeds are about 2mm in diameter and come in black. French have used mustard seeds as a spice since 800 AD, and it was amongst spices taken by the Spanish on explorations throughout the 1400s. Mustard is highly used in a variety of Indian pickles consisting of mangoes and aavalu powdered mustard and it is very popular in South India.

There are many varieties of mustard which come in a wide range of strengths and flavors. The basic taste and heat of the mustard is largely determined by seed type, preparation and ingredients. Black seed mustard is generally regarded as the hottest type.

In India, mustard is known both as oil seed as well as spice. Internationally, however, it is more popular as a spice. The genus Brassica consists of over 150 species of annual or biennial herbs several of which are cultivated as oil seed crops like mustard. Other oil seed crops in genus are toria and rapeseed. There are many others, which are cultivated mainly as vegetable like cabbage, collies flower, turnip etc. There are many other, which are being grown as fodder. The mustard seeds of only the above four species have condiment value.


Health Benefits

  1. Helps to prevent Cancer.
  2. Effective in Treating Psoriasis.
  3. Effective in Curing Chronic Bronchitis
  4. Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases.
  5. Provide Relief from Respiratory Disorders.
  6. Helps in Soothing Symptoms Of Ringworms
  7. Promotes Clearer Complexion and Cures Acne.
  8. Helps in Curing Pains and spasms.
  9. Aids in Managing Diabetes and Cholesterol Levels.
  10. Healing Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis.

Mustard Oil is most important application, apart from this one of the popular recipe used in making mustard seeds is the ginger & yogurt chutney. Additionally it is also used as Ingredient in various Recipes and consider as spice in India.

  • USES
    Black Mustard Fritters
  • Ingredient In Baby Potato
  • Ingredient In Vegetable Cooking
  • Mustard oil
  • Potatoes Sauteed With Black Mustard seed
  • Mustard Used In Salads